U6/U7 Referee Resources

U6/U7 Field Layout (Opens PDF)

SYSA U6/U7 Detailed Game Procedures

Game Format:
U6 and U7 levels use a dual game format

* Each team forms two subteams (split between more aggressive and less aggressive players) and plays two games
on adjacent fields
* A Center Ref is used for each game with no linesman

4v4 is standard, but if teams are short players, can play 3v3

Arrive 10-15 minutes early, meet partner ref, decide who takes which field
If no partner ref shows, ask coach to ref less aggressive game
Establish and agree on game format with coaches (4v4, 3v3)
Get coaches to sign your paysheet
Conduct player equipment check in for your team with focus on:

* no jewelry (absolutely no earrings, necklaces, or hard barretts in hair)
* medical bracelets are allowed but must be taped to skin
* shirts must be tucked in and shinguards totally covered by socks
* shoes can be tennis shoes but inspect for illegal toe cleats
* remind players not to go in the arc, and to stop play if you hear the whistle

Conduct pre-game meeting at center field with coaches and Team Sportsmanship Liaison prior to kickoff (remind them of
signed Code of Conduct for Spectators) and remind coaches of on-the-fly substitutions with no goalies or defenders
Skip coin toss, choose orange to kick off first to make it simple

During Game:
Start both games together and on time with a kickoff from center of field
Reminder‚ your highest priority is the safety of the players!!!
Blow whistle at following times:

* after legitimate score, point to center circle indicating kickoff
* to signal when to kickoff
* to stop play to address a foul or to assist injured player
* to stop play after quarter expires (approx 2 minute break between quarters)
* to stop play if anybody gets hurt or falls and is in danger of getting stepped on

Whistle appropriately, harder for fouls, softer for out of bounds, but only if needed
Provide verbal signals for all restarts as follows:

Ensure ALL players are 3-4 yards away from the ball for ALL restarts

Keep an eye on the time so that you stop games at proper times and don’t run over
Continue 2nd and 4th quarter with kick off for team last in possession
Encourage players to retrieve out of bounds balls, you remain on field of play
Ref should take ball after scores and place in center spot for kickoff
Know the game rules, especially the arc rules, which are unique to this level

Post Game:
Stand at center circle for team handshake and allow players and coaches to shake your hand
Smile and be cordial and friendly to players and coaches
Save you paysheets for when you get an email to turn them in

Reminder: Referees for youth soccer games are 50% referee and 50% teacher of the game so you need to talk to the players to offer on-field instruction as well as referee skills

Additional Information:
Inclement Weather Policy:

* If thunder is heard, field must be cleared until 30 minutes after last thunder
* If lightning is spotted, clear the field immediately and the game is ended

Uniform and Equipment Requirements:

* Standard yellow referee shirt
* Solid black shorts
* Standard referee socks (three white stripes on black socks)
* Time keeping equipment (a watch with chronograph is suggested)
* Whistle
* No cards or flags are required at this level

Coaches should remain on the sidelines and not enter the field of play
No Score is kept, so no need to mark anything down
Pick players for restarts if they ask you or they cannot agree on who takes the restart
Keep the game moving at all times
For any unruly behavior like fighting or unsporting behavior like loud yelling or foul language, blow your whistle, stop the
game, and walk the player over to the coach and inform the coach that the player has been dismissed from the game
and needs to remain on the sidelines for the remainder of the game

Game Signup Procedures:

* Use userid and password
* Sign up for no more than 2 U6/U7 games initially
* Look for an email that may indicate you can more games
* See field map for U6 and U7 field locations

Smile and have fun! Interact with the players! Relax! It’s just a game afterall!