U6 – U10 Program

Updated 8/11/2014

The U6-U9 teams have one team practice a week and one age group training night a week.

U6 train on Monday nights
U7 train on Thursday nights
U8 train on Tuesday nights
U9 train on Wednesday nights (*** Fall 2014 since the U9 and U10 girls are combined they will be attending the Wednesday night age group training sessions.)

This season we are going to have the training sessions at a Horizon Elementary School.

The training sessions will last for one hour (5:30 – 6:30 and 6:30 – 7:30 – Girls first in the fall and boys first in the spring) There will be no team practice nights on training nights, example a U6B team will not have team practice on Monday night. Team practices will be held based on the volunteer coach’s schedule and field availability for one hour any night of the week Monday – Friday except the training night.

The U10 boys teams will have two team practices a week for an hour each. The practice nights will be on determined by the volunteer coach and based on field availability.

All matches are played on Saturday from 9:00 to 3:00 depending on the schedule and field availability. There are no scores kept at the U6 – U10 level and trophies are awarded to all players.

The U6-U7 matches are played with a small-sided format. The teams are split into two 4 person teams and play two simultaneous games against the opposing team. No scores are kept and the coaches try to match evenly skilled players to play each other.

The U8-U10 teams begin playing with goal keepers and play a on a larger field that uses traditional lines to mark out the goal and penalty areas. The number of players varies by age group from 6X6 to 8X8.

The U6 – U9 players have age group training nights provided by SYSA’s trainer, STBW. The trainers work train and develop players using SYSA approved goals for each age group. These goals are in line with Virginia Youth Soccer and USSF guidelines for development of youth players. You can see these guidelines at VYSA’s website.