U4/U5 Schedules

Each session will run for approximately one hour. Teams will always start on their Home Field. The first
two sessions will focus on training and getting to know the team.

Session one (April 9) will include a brief intro then training with the coach and team.

Session two (April 16) will be training with the coach and then a team scrimmage.

Session three to seven (April 23 – May 21) will consist of a training session with the coach for the
first 20-30 minutes and then break into small-sided scrimmages with other teams in the age
group for another 20-30 minutes.

No Session on May 28 Memorial Day Weekend

Session eight (June 4) will be a scrimmage first and then team celebration with trophies and patches.


All games are on NOVA Field 6. However, there are mini fields
within Field 6 labeled as A, B, C, D  which the team will rotate through beginning week 3.

You will always meet at your home field.

Time Field  Team Name          Coach                    Asst Coach #1
9:15 6A-2   Team 1 – Foris       Heather Foris        David Albanese
9:15 6B-1   Team 2 – Cheiaua   Leonard Cheiaua   Andrew Barry
9:15 6B-2   Team 3 – Humbles  Andrew Humbles   Mason Turner
9:15 6D-2   Team 4 – Rinaldi     Bob Rinaldi
9:15 6D-1   Team 5 – Sigala     Hector Sigala         Jamie Sigala
9:15 6A-1   Team 6 – Tanner    Jeffrey Tanner       Yajie Liang
9:15 6C-1   Team 7 – Kniska     William Kniska       Wendy Spicer
9:15 6C-2   Team 8 – Allder       Melvin Allder        Mathew Ibsen