Travel Teams Information

SYSA Travel Teams

Listed below are all the SYSA Travel Teams. If you are interested in trying out for a team please contact the coach and the manager for the team.

FC Elite Black 96 19B N9788 D1 Totan Roy Coach
Dan Christensen Manager
FC Orange 96′ Sting 18G W9613 D3 Jon Drever Head Coach
Laura Garfolo Manager
FC Elite Black 97 17B N9898 D3 Dave MacMillan Coach
Tammy Ryan Manager
FC Orange ’97 Strikers 17G W9744 D4 Billy Whittington Coach
Andy Altman Manager
FC Orange 99 15B N0079  D2 Chris Jensen Coach
Kris Jensen Manager
FC Elite Black ’99 15G W9928 D5 Green Mike Pinkston Head Coach
Cheryl Shackleford Manager
FC Elite Black ’01 13B N0227  D1 Dave Macmillan Head Coach
Scott Melton Manager
FC Orange ’01 13G W0120 D5E Mark Warnecki Head Coach
Mike Foster Manager
FC Orange ’03 11G W0344 DJ Tina Valente Head Coach
Walker Cross Manager
FC White ’03 11G W0345 DG Tina Valente Head Coach
Allison Buytenhuys Manager
FC Elite Silver ’04 10G W0039  DP Sheldon Buytenhuys Head Coach
Kendra Roman Manager
FC Elite Black ’04 10G W0445 DM Sheldon Buytenhuys Head Coach
Aaron Pawlowski Manager