Travel Team SYSA Payment – All Travel Players Registered in SYSA

All SYSA Travel Soccer Players will need to pay the $125 SYSA fee for the Spring season to be placed on a team. In order to register you will need to have your team code from your coach or manager or below. There are two forms of payment allowed – Mastercard/VISA or mail in check. The check will need to be received in 5 days in order to have the player be placed on the roster. The payment of $125 is due by February 1, 2015.

Returning Fall Player – Spring Registration

New Spring Player Travel Player Registration

Travel teams Codes


FC Orange ’96 Sting – 96GOR (Drever)

FC Orange ’97 Strikers – 97GOR (Whittingham)

FC Elite Black ’99 – 99GOR (MacMilllan)

FC Orange ’01 – 01GOR (Warnecki)

FC Orange ’03 – 03GOR (Valente)

FC White ’03 – 03GWH (Valente)

FC Elite Silver ’04 – 04GBL (Buytenhuys)

FC Elite Black ’04 – O4GBL (Buytenhuys)


FC Elite Black ’96 – 96BBL (Roy)

FC Elite Black ’97 – 97BWH (MacMillan)

FC Orange ’99 – 99BOR (Jensen)

FC Elite Black ’01 – 01BBL (MacMillan)