SYSA Fall 2014 Referee In Training (Ref-IT) Program

SYSA is sponsoring its Fall 2014 season Referee In Training (Ref-IT) classroom training for NEW Ref-ITs only.


Classroom Training will be held as follows:

Date: Thursday August 21  (this is the only offering, so you MUST attend this session)

Time: 7:00 – 8:30 pm

Location: Cascades Library Room A


NEW Ref-IT Eligibility Requirements:

1. You must attend the classroom session noted above on August 21.

2. You must attend a field training session one evening the week of September 1 (date TBD)

3. You must be on an SYSA U13 or U14 Rec or Travel team this Fall 2014 season

4. You must be willing to referee U6 and U7 games on Saturdays

5. You must purchase an official Referee Uniform prior to your first match

6. You must be able to monitor email regularly and have online computer access to sign up for games


If you meet the above eligibility requirements and have not been a Ref-IT before, you are invited to participate in SYSA’s ‘junior’ referee program. The classroom training is free, and will provide all information needed including uniform purchase options.  Please complete the registration form to attend:


If you have are a current Ref-IT and are on a U14 or U15 SYSA Rec or Travel team, you do NOT have to attend this session but may return for the Fall season as a returning Ref-IT.


If you were a Ref-IT last season and are now on a Fall 2014 U16 team, you are no longer eligible and must now get USSF certified to work older games.