Spring 2017 Training Plans

Spring 2017 Training Plans

U6 Plans U7 Plans U8 Plans U9 – 10 Plans
Week 1 Ball Striking Ball Striking Dribbling Dribbling

Week 2

 Ball Striking 2  Ball Striking 2  Dribbling 2  Dribbling 2
Week 3  Dribbling  Dribbling  Striking Striking
Week 4
Week 5
Week 6



Typical Session Plan
Technical Warm Up 5 – 10 minutes
Technical/Tactical Activity 20-25 minutes
Water 1-2 minutes
Conditioned Game 5-10 minutes
Game 5-10 minutes



**Remember to allow time for arrival and departure

**Sessions should start and end on time.  Please come prepared.


Sharks and Minnows

4v0 Rondo

4v1 Rondo

Rondo Dribbling

Dynamo Passing