Fall Registration is Open

Fall  Registration is OPEN. 

Regular Registration (June 16 – August 3)  U4/U5 = $90 per player, U6 – U19 = $135 per player

Late Registration (August 4 – September 9) U4/U5 = $110 per player, U6 – U19 = $160 per player

SYSA is a volunteer organization and we NEED volunteers to run successfully. Volunteer Coaches and Assistant Coaches are the backbone of the club if no one volunteers to coach then we can not form teams or have huge rosters which equals less time for play for each player.  Please consider volunteering to coach your child’s team – you are going to be out there at practice with them anyway so why not be active.  SYSA provides training and support for all coaches.  Those families who choose NOT to volunteer will pay a $40 volunteer opt-out fee.  Coaching is a rewarding experience for you and your child!


SYSA does not accept team placement requests by parents or players for any reason, to include friends, carpools, practice schedules, coaches, game schedules, etc. Requests will not be granted.


If you would like to register to coach but don’t have a child playing click here