Registration (FAQ)

When is registration? How can I register my child?
Spring 2018 Registration runs from November 1 until April 6 and is held on-line only.  After February 19, the fee is no longer discounted.
Click here to register.

How and when will teams be formed?
Teams will be formed by the club administrator or a team draw done by the coaches approximately one week before the coaches meeting. The players are distributed among the teams by a random blind draw. The rules of the draw are set up to achieve parity between teams – distributing children of each experience/skill level evenly among the teams.

In the Fall, the U4-U10 teams are drawn from scratch – in the Spring, it is attempted to keep the Fall U4-U10 teams together. However, sometimes the number of teams in a division will need to increase or decrease between Fall and Spring, or for other reasons parity cannot be achieved – and in those cases, the teams may be redrawn from scratch.

For the SFL teams (U11 and older), it is attempted to keep the teams together indefinitely. Again, sometimes the number of teams in a division change (especially at U13 when the rosters must increase to play 11v11) and requires some players to switch teams.


I really liked my child’s coach from last season and would like to have them again.
Unfortunately, due to the size of the club, the potential number of special requests and the goal to achieve parity among the teams, special requests for coaches although considered are not guaranteed. Only the coaches and assistant coaches can be guaranteed that their children will be placed on their team.

Due to family conflicts, I would like my child to be placed on a team where there are no practices on Tuesday or Friday.
SYSA is aware that nearly every child in the league participates in other school and athletic activities and that parents are chauffeuring several kids to various locations. Unfortunately, it would be impossible to coordinate each child’s schedule while selecting teams and keeping league parity. Therefore, these types of requests cannot be granted.

If it works out that your child really must miss one of the practice days, the coach will understand.

When will we hear from our coach? The neighbor’s kids have heard from theirs.
The coaches will first learn of their rostered players during the coaches meeting and will generally contact each family within a week. Due to vacation schedules, etc., some coaches may take longer. Please be patient. If you have not been notified by one week prior to the first scheduled game, please send an email to Tara Koehler, SYSA Club Administrator ( (The date of the coaches meeting, first scheduled game and email links can all be found on the website.)

When does the practices and games start?
Fields are generally open to start practices two weeks before the first match. See the website calendar for specific dates.

My daughter’s dance class and my son’s karate class run from $70 to $100 per month. SYSA’s website lists the cost for soccer as only $185/season. Now I am pretty good at math – and that works out to about $61.67/month. The listed cost MUST be a typo!
Technically speaking, all FAQ’s should be phrased as a question. But since your strong suit is math and not English, I will answer your question. It is not a typo, your math is correct. 🙂