Refereeing (FAQ)


How can I (or my child) become a referee?
Referee classes sponsored by SYSA are held each season (there are also other classes sponsored by other nearby clubs). Look at the referee link to see what classes are upcoming. For additional options, look at the websites of nearby clubs (links to many of the club websites are listed on VYSA’s website at in the ‚ÄúMembers” section). Also send an email to the Referee Assignor expressing your interest in refereeing. Refereeing is a great way of improving knowledge of the game and earning additional income.

During the last game the referee made a lot of bad calls. (The referee did not appear to understand the rules). Can we correct them?
All of the referees are human and they will make mistakes. Many of the referees are our own children and are getting on-the-job training. The referees have completed considerable training to become a certified referee and deserve your respect.

If you believe that the referee missed a few judgment calls or missed a few calls due to not being in position to see the play, accept the result in a sporting manner.

If you believe that the referee may not be sharp enough on knowledge of the rules of the game, or consistently fails to make calls, please do not address the referee, but instead send an email to the referee assignor. The email should include the game date, time and field along with your issues. The referee assignor will work to reassess the referee and take measures for additional training or improvement.

The quality of referees improves in the league as the parents provide input to the referee assignor. The quality decreases as spectators address the referees directly and the referees begin to quit.

I am concerned with certain spectators’ conduct towards the referee each week.
Notify the coach and the teams TSL and they will try to address the issues with spectators and keep proper control of the sideline.

What is offsides anyway?
Actually it is offside and not offsides. The law of offside and all of the other Laws of the Game can be found at the FIFA website at