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Updated 2/28/2014

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LAWS OF THE GAME made easy

OFFSIDE RULE made easy

Ask, Tell Dismiss – Rule 5 Video

Advice to Referees on the Laws of the Game: This USSF publication fills in many of the gaps left unexplored by the FIFA book, clarifies a lot of gray areas, and contains a ton of great advice. Download the 2013 – 2014 edition FOR FREE (courtesy of the US Soccer web site).

FIFA 2017-2018 Laws of the Game

FIFA Interactive Guide to Offside Law 11 — Flash Presentation of the Offside Law.


The redesigned Referee resource portal on the US Soccer website is awesome and, best of all, EASY to navigate. Here’s what you can find there:

Online Quizzes. The Burke Athletic Club website has links to several online quizzes to test your knowledge of the Laws of the Game. Take these quizzes for fun, but remember to use your official documents and training as the basis for your on-field decisions.

AskTheRef.Com: This website was founded by a soccer enthusiast, and “is designed to provide fun and UNOFFICIAL advice” to the coaches, players and the player’s parents — although refs will find it a fun resource as well. What I like about this site is that it gives a lot of practical advice and guidance for many common situations in which you, the ref, will likely find yourself. AskTheRef.Com.

My Referee: “My Referee” is a feature of, providing back issue content from Referee Magazine. According to their website, “MyReferee… gives sports officials the chance to access content customized to their needs, courtesy of two officiating industry leaders ‚Äî Referee magazine and Along with relevant articles selected by sport, MyReferee includes a searchable database containing Referee magazine articles.” Best of all, IT’S FREE! Register through the Referee Magazine website. (As always, refs under 18 should first check with their parents before providing their name and email information over the web.)


Referee Magazine: This monthly magazine covers officiating for a number of sports. Although the soccer section may be only a few pages long, it covers a lot of ground with caseplays, quick tips, quizes, etc. It also addresses high school and NCAA variants to the FIFA laws. The subscription is a bit pricey however. If you don’t mind the additional cost, you can upgrade to NASO (National Association of Sports Officials) membership which includes additional benefits. Their website will give you a good idea of what the magazine is like, as well as what other products and publications they offer. Check out here. (Back issue content is available through My Referee, described above.)

For the Good of the Game by Robert Evans and Edward Bellion. This is my favorite book about the art of refereeing. The authors referee’d in the old NASL (remember the NY Cosmos?) The combination of practical, common-sense advice with loads of entertaining anecdotes makes this a fun read. You’ll walk away inspired and with a new perspective on game management. I can’t say enough about this book. It’s a bit hard to find though; you won’t find it new on Amazon. Search the web for the following: “For the good of the game” Evans Bellion and you’ll find some stores that carry it. (One such search led me to the Soccer One website.)


You will need to submit a W9 form. One can be obtained from the IRS website here.