Referee Information for Coaches and Parents

THE PRE-GAME UNIFORM AND EQUIPMENT INSPECTION CHECKLIST: Before the start of each game, the referee will perform a uniform and equipment safety check. In addition to those rules specified by the Soccer Laws of the Game, SYSA has additional local rules in place that are writtten to further ensure the safety of our players. To prevent disappointment at game time, coaches and parents are encouraged to read SYSA’s Uniform and Equipment Inspection Checklist. (Click here for PDF Version.)

CODE OF CONDUCT FOR SYSA SPECTATORS: SYSA has adopted the following Code of Conduct, expected of all spectators at SYSA-sponsored recreational events, to create the best possible environment for our children and to foster sportsmanship by positive example. CODE OF CONDUCT (Click here for PDF Version.)

For more information, click here to go to SYSA’s Referee Resource page.