Recreation Game Schedules

The team that is listed first is the home team. The home team is responsible for the field set up if they are the first game (lining the field and putting up the flags) and field closing if they are the last game of the day (picking up trash, putting away the flags). Please help your coach get these things done!!!

Home team (first team listed) wears orange
Away team (second team listed) wears white

NOVA Field Map

NOVA Field Map Arial View

NOVA Parking Map

Parking at the NOVA Campus is only allowed in the metered spots. SYSA’s rental agreement with NOVA does not include parking. Please do not sit in your car in an unmetered spot waiting for your child; it counts as parking. Anyone parking in unmetered spots or parking and not paying the meter will be ticketed. Recommendation: use the Farmer’s Market lot.

Algonkian Elementary Fields and Hencken Fields Map