NCSL Manager

The league office and the Rules & Discipline Chairman are being overwhelmed with routine communications. Below are the guidelines that each team and club representative should follow in dealing with league issues.


1. To get the answer to your questions, please follow the following sequence:

  • first check the NCSL Rules & Procedures Manual, it should be in there
  • contact your Club Representative for rules questions and explanations
  • contact someone else in your club who is an experienced coach or manager
  • only as a last resort and your question is time critical contact the R&D Chairman
  • do not send any rules questions to the league office

2. Never call or e-mail the referee assignors. Assignors have been instructed not to accept any changes/ information unless it comes directly from NCSL office.

3. If you have an issue concerning the events at one of your games or want to file a complaint, first contact your Club Representative and discuss the issue with him/her. If you then want to document this issue, please send an e-mail to the R&D Chairman with a copy to your Club Representative. Do not send these e-mails to the league office.

4. If you have an issue concerning a rescheduled game, please contact your club representative with the information. Your club representative can contact the league office.

NEW Managers Informational Sheet from the SYSA Manager Meeting