Miscellaneous (FAQ)


The question that I have is not addressed in this FAQ section. How can I get an answer?
Go to the CONTACTS section of the web page and scan through the list of officers. Send your question via email to whomever seems most appropriate. They will answer your question or will forward it to the proper officer. When in doubt, send it to the Club Administrator (administrator@sysa.net).

When is Picture Day ( or the All-Star tournament or  Game Day, Etc.)?
All events for which the date has been finalized will be posted on the website calendar.

I don’t know much about soccer, how can I learn more about the rules.
The “Laws of the Game” are posted on the FIFA website at http://www.fifa.com/refs/laws_E.html

What is the Code of Conduct?
Due to the increasing frequency across the country of improper behavior by spectators, (including abuse of referees), SYSA has adopted a Code of Conduct to be followed by all spectators (These are listed on the website). They are basically common sense rules but bear periodic review by all to remind us that we need to keep soccer fun for the kids and act in the best interest of the children.

What is a TSL?
TSL stands for “Team Sportsmanship Liaison”. Each team is required to have a parent volunteer acting as the TSL for the season. The TSL helps the coach monitor the sideline behavior and helps address any spectator that may be acting inappropriately. The TSL’s should introduce themselves to the referee before each game and let them know that they are there to support the referee. The TSL on each team should identify themselves tot the referee before the beginning of each match.

I would like to help out with coaching, but I do not feel that my skill and knowledge level is appropriate for teaching.
Consider starting by volunteering as an Assistant Coach. Many coaches start out with little to no experience, especially at the younger ages. SYSA provides coaches training at the beginning of each season (Additional mid-season training may be added). Additionally, SYSA contracts with professional trainers to run developmental sessions throughout the season which is available for all SYSA players and coaches. There are many VYSA coaching courses set up in order to receive coaching certificates and licenses. Additionally, the internet has countless free websites dedicated to aiding coaches, sharing training drills, etc. – There are few things as rewarding as spending quality time with your children among their peers.

My child seems to have two left feet. What should I do?
I would inform the coaches and ask them to position your child at left striker or left fullback. 🙂

How does this league operate?
SYSA is a volunteer run organization. Over three hundred parents volunteer their time as coaches each season and hundreds more volunteer time to help with individual teams (team banners, TSL’s, team managers, etc.) or the overall organization (BOD, officers, fields, etc.). The Board of Directors, consisting of five elected individuals, set the direction for the club. The thirty or so Club Officers run the day-to-day operations of the Club. Additional volunteers are always needed and greatly appreciated. Please contact the Club President or Vice President if you would like to see how you could help out.

I don’t like the way that the coach treats the kids.
If you believe that the coach is mistreating the children, uses vulgar language or belittles the kids, this should be brought to the attention of the Club Administrator.

How can I know if a practice (or a game) has been cancelled due to bad weather?
If there is inclement weather, or if there has been heavy rains in the past 48 hours, check the website www.sysa.net after 4:00 pm on the day of the practice (or 7:30 am on game day). If the fields have been closed, the practice has been cancelled. If the fields have not been closed, assume that the practice will be held, unless otherwise notified by your coach. Be aware that fields are sometimes closed due to standing water from rain on the day before.

The children have chosen the team name of “Cheetahs”, but I think that the team dynamic naturally lends itself to the name “Gazelles”. What can I do to get the team name changed?
Go to the website and try to find the form ‚”Team name change request”. Fill out and email four copies of this to the ‚”Officer-In-Charge-of-Changing-Team-Names”. If you cannot find the correct form on the website, it may be temporarily off-line ‚ try again the following month or so until the season is over and the trophies have been handed out. 🙂