Lost & Found


To Post Items:
If you have an item that has been lost or found, send the text that you would like to have posted on the website, including: item description, approximate location, data and contact info to: tryan1@verizon.net  Please click on the links for email address and pictures if available.

IMG_1349FOUND: Size 3 SA Gear soccer ball on NOVA 7A/B on 11/12.  If lost please contact Jeff.

DSC03395 (002)FOUND: Goalie Gloves found at Hencken field.  If lost please contact Doug

ballLOST:  Adidas Silver Euro 2016 France size 5 ball, no markings lost on 11/11 around 7:00 pm at Hencken field 7 near the goal closest to the light.  If found please contact Christophe.

IMG_5986FOUND: Sweatshirt and water bottle. If lost please contact Tammy.

FOUND: Multi-color Real Madrid backpack that has a #7 and says Ronaldo at NOVA Field 1 on 10/22.  If lost contact Nilton.


FOUND: Folding purple chair at Hencken fields on 10/15.  If lost contact Christophe.

LOST: Size 3 Soccer ball, bright blue with name Andrew Gabriel and phone number on it, lost on 9/20 at 7:30 pm at NOVA Field #1.  If found please contact Anne Gabriel at 703-424-5567.

purseLOST: Vera Bradley clutch purse, black with flowers and small sunflowers.  A VA State ID with the name Courtney Thibaudeau inside.  September 17 near field 6B/C and parking lot.  If found, please contact Courtney (508) 259-7222.