Helpful Hints for Registration

Helpful Hints for Registration

1. Follow the Registration Manual.

2. Follow the Check Lists. (The WAGS (page 8) and NCSL Checklist (page 6) can be found in the Reference Guide.)

3. Make sure you always use black ink.

4. Make sure the player’s legal first and last names are used.

5. Must have original proof of birth or prior year player card. No photo copies. Must be in English, if not must have notarized translation.

6. All team officials need passes with pictures. WAGS mandates 3 team officials on the roster.

7. All passes need pictures. Must be clear 1 x 1 head shots. (like a passport picture) Must be current, not the same as last year.

8. Cannot use white-out or any other corrections on the roster or passes.

9. Check your league for the minimum number of players you need to form a team – this is found on the Initial Registration Checklist.

10. Turn in 2 copies of the roster in Black and White. Roster must be back to back, top to top– not two separate pages.

11. If doing State Cup – two back to back, black and white copies of this roster also.

12. Two copies of the audit report. Team official must sign report.

13. Large white envelope provided to turn in paperwork. Do not seal envelope.

Setting up your Team

Just a reminder that ALL teams have to create a 2017-2018 database. Do not use the 2016 – 2017 database, create a new one. Once the primary team contact (most likely the Team Manager) sets up their team they will then get a username/password emailed to them.

1. Each coach, manager and assistant coach must register here first.

After created and want to go back into their database for changes etc they go to this link

2. Once the team officials are registered you can start building the team.

**Once you start this process your user id and password will be emailed to you. You DO NOT need it to start to register your team, only to get back into the system once you have logged out**

TEAMS START HERE —You do not need a password to get start