Equipment Needed (FAQ)

Soccer Jersey – U4/5 – U10 You can purchase a reversible orange and white SYSA jersey at Sterling Soccer. Purchase it big so it lasts a couple of years. Cost is $18.

Sterling Soccer Supplies
47100 Community Plaza #128
Sterling, VA 20164

Store Hours
M-F : 10:30 – 7:30pm
Sat: 10 – 7pm
Sun: Seasonal (11 – 3pm)

Soccer Jersey – U11 – U19 You can purchase a uniform‚ U11 – U19 of two jerseys  through the online registration process (preferred) cost $35 or can be bought during the season (coordinate through your coach) cost $45.

Black Shorts

Black Soccer Socks should be able to pull up over the shinguards

Shinguards are required for all ages.

Appropriate Footwear most children wear soccer cleats but they are not required. Metal spikes and toe spikes (toe cleats) not allowed. Please make sure the cleats are soccer cleats, other cleats, football, baseball, lacrosse will not be allowed on the playing field.

Soccer Ball – Size #3 for U4/5 –  U7; Size #4 for U8-U12; Size #5 for U13-U19

Water Bottle