Conflicts (FAQ)

My child cannot make it to the practice times for the team that they have been assigned.
SYSA is aware that nearly every child in the league participates in other school and athletic activities and that parents are chauffeuring several kids to various locations. Unfortunately, it would be impossible to coordinate each child’s schedule while selecting teams and keeping league parity. Therefore, these types of requests cannot be granted.

If it works out that your child really must miss one of the practice days, the coach will understand.

We will be out of town for picture day. What can we do?
It would be impossible for SYSA to coordinate team picture times with every family’s schedule. In order to best accommodate each team, we try to schedule the picture time to be held directly before or after the team’s match that day. If you are out of town that day or otherwise cannot attend picture day, it might be possible that retaking of individual photos can be coordinated with the photographer.