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Coaches’ Guidelines for Players’ Ratings

Player ratings are now done online by the head coach.  Please use this player evaluation link to sign in.  Sign in using your name and birth date. Then your roster will be shown with last season’s ratings just add this season’s rating using the drop down ratings.  Click Submit and you are done!  Thank you.

If you don’t want to complete online please email me this form ASAP.

Player Rating Form PDF

Player Rating Form Word Document


Coaches Links

All Stars Coach’s manual

Virginia Youth Soccer Association (VYSA) –

Download US Soccer’s Coaching Best Practices Manual here.

Below are some websites that can help you with developing soccer skills, setting up drills, formulating parent letters, learning player responsibilities, etc. You may find some additional websites off of the OTHER LINKS page of the SYSA Website.

Virginia Coaches Courses & Clinics: Courses and Clinics offered thru VYSA.

National Soccer Coaches Association of America:The NSCAA is the largest single sport coaching organization in the United States.

Internet Soccer Clinics: Another place to go and get a variety of new drills for dribbling, shooting, goalkeeping, head balls, etc.

VYSA Sanctioned Tournaments: VYSA has a list of all sanctioned tournaments, check them out and see what it available for your team.

Remember SOCCER should be FUN for all!

Coaches Corner
The Technical Department of the VYSA is pleased to announce the official launch of the VYSA Recreation Coaches Handbook. This document contains, amongst other components, important information regarding age appropriate lesson plans, how to deal with parental issues, how to organize a practice, age specific fun games and much, much more. It will also be a living document where new information, additional resources and helpful articles can be regularly added that will help inform the recreation soccer coach.
The Handbook is being made available free of charge to any person that would like a copy. Please visit the VYSA website at and download your copy today. Also, please inform all of the recreation coaches in your leagues and clubs so that they are given access to this resource as well.Good luck this season and we hope that you enjoy the manual.

Gordon Miller
VYSA Technical Director